The role of the code wheel in the money counter can be processed by etching?

The code wheel in the money counter is generally a metal code disc. It is processed by stainless steel material and can be processed by etching. It has the advantages of no mold opening, precise opening, vertical lines and no burrs. If you need to etch the processing code, Hebei Weiyue can provide you with processing services. We are a professional manufacturer of precision metal etching for more than ten years. Xinhaisen is also very experienced in the processing of the counting machine.

  So what role does the code wheel play in the money counter? What is the role? Metal code discs, which we all know, are digital encoders that measure angular displacement. It has the advantages of strong resolution, high precision and reliable operation. It is the most commonly used displacement sensor for measuring the position of the shaft. The code disc is divided into two types: absolute encoder and incremental encoder. The former can directly give the digital code corresponding to the angular position; the latter uses the calculation system to increase the pulse increment generated by the rotating code disc to a certain reference number. Addition and subtraction to obtain angular displacement. Therefore, the dial of the money counter and the counter wheel and the flat wheel in the headboard cooperate to control the moving speed of the bill, and the amount of time before and after the bill is calculated, and the web size of the bill is separately used to help the counter to accurately count. Free your hands and speed up the counting, and improve the efficiency of counting money. It can be said that the metal code disk is an indispensable component in the money counter.

  The code wheel can be roughly divided into a metal code disk, a glass code disk, a film code disk, etc. The metal code disk is generally made of SUS304 material, which is very suitable for etching processing and can also obtain high precision, and Hebei Weiyue can process 100-2048. Wire/pulse metal code disc, code disc etching process we are professional.



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