Effect of solution temperature and processing time on quality in metal etching

Metal etching processing is now a key processing technology for many optoelectronic internal structural components. To obtain the size, high pattern accuracy, and satisfactory customer satisfaction, care must be taken to control the conditions of the etching process.

     Mainly the temperature of the etching solution and the etching time. The solution temperature is slightly higher, which can increase the rate of metal dissolution, ie, the etching rate, but the etching solution is generally a highly corrosive solution, which is highly corrosive at high temperatures, and is easy to soften the anti-corrosion coating or the corrosion-resistant ink or Dissolving, the adhesion of the corrosion-resistant layer of the non-etched portion of the metal is lowered, and the corrosion-resistant coating at the interface between the etching and the non-etching is peeled off or melted, so that the etching pattern and the dimensional accuracy are not guaranteed, which affects the product quality. Generally, metal etching processing, it is recommended that the temperature of the solution does not exceed 45 ° C.

      Similarly, if the etching time is too long, especially in the case where the temperature of the etching liquid is high, the etching time of the corrosion-resistant ink or the protective coating is too long, and the above-mentioned side effects and adverse effects are also caused, so the time control is also appropriate. Can not be immersed for too long, generally should not exceed 20 ~ 25min.

    Metal etching processing belongs to the category of precision machining, and the precision requirements are relatively high. Therefore, each operating environment condition is very important. Therefore, in the process of etching parts, attention should be paid to each link to understand the effect of solution temperature and processing time on the quality of metal etching. In order to provide customers with qualified products.



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