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Hebei Weiyue is a professional precision wire sheet etching processing manufacturer. Why should we use the etching process to process the thermal pad? Because the thermal conductive sheet is mainly used for mobile phones, computers, servers, video cards, etc., it has a high heat dissipation effect, and the etching process can obtain a higher quality thermal conductive sheet.
Hebei Weiyue adopts roll-to-roll degreasing, coating ink and exposure process, which can mass produce precision thermal conductive sheets. Customized precision thermal conductive sheets can be customized according to requirements. The etching of the film can be made within two hours, and it can realize half-time logo. And provide film etching to achieve the brand production of thermal film.

          What materials are generally selected for precision thermal film etching processing manufacturers? As the name suggests, the main function of the thermal pad is to conduct heat and accelerate heat dissipation. Therefore, the thermal conductivity of the material is very important. Gold and silver have better thermal conductivity, but the material price is higher and the processing process is more difficult, so it does not have a large market. The thermal conductivity of copper is inferior to gold and silver, but copper has high density, high weight, high cost, easy oxidation, and general molding properties. After oxidation, the heat conduction and heat dissipation functions will be greatly reduced. Therefore, most of the thermal conductive sheets are made of aluminum alloy materials. For example, the cpu heat sink that we often see is the material of aluminum alloy.

Hebei Weiyue can etch and process copper alloy and aluminum alloy materials. It can provide semi-etching and secondary etching processing according to requirements. It can process 400*600mm size and thickness less than 1.5mm. The precision can be +/- 0.01mm. With years of etching experience, we have won the praise of customers at home and abroad. If you have the need of precision thermal film etching processing manufacturers, please contact us at Hebei Weiyue.



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