Stainless steel wire mesh preferred for Stainless Steel Wire Rope Net

With the improvement of material living standards, people are more in pursuit of spiritual life, large and small playgrounds, performance venues and other places generally increased. Invariably also increased the security risks. Although the place is equipped with a variety of materials safety fence, but it does not play a very good role, there are many tragedies occur. At present, Changyi production of stainless steel rope mesh can play a very good protective role.

Stainless steel rope mesh products as the first choice of safety fence, compared to other materials such as playground fence, performance field fence, safety fence has a better protective effect. High tensile strength, good flexibility, can effectively stop the external impact (such as machinery, people, animals, etc.), increase the buffer force, while protecting people and animals from injury. Good permeability, uniform mesh, beautiful, green and environmental protection, integrated with nature. Corrosion-resistant, once invested, no need for any maintenance in the middle, service life of more than 30 years.

The stainless steel rope mesh produced by our factory is a high-end and professional special zoo mesh, which is made of high quality stainless steel wire imported from Korea and Japan and twisted by unique technology. Stainless steel rope mesh is widely used in zoos, safari parks, marine parks and other similar environments for animal cages, bird nets, animal fences and garden decoration and construction and renovation. In addition, stainless steel rope mesh is also suitable for sports, acrobatics, home decoration, architectural decoration and many other fields.

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