Do you know what are the anti-rust measures for perforated sheet metal?

Although there are many advantages in the performance of the perforated plate net, after a period of use, everyone should find that it is more prone to rust. The editor here suggests that everyone must pay attention to anti-rust treatment, so as to ensure that its service life is not affected. The following is a specific introduction:

1. The surface of steel parts is coated with machine oil, paint or covered with non-metallic materials such as corrosion-resistant plastics.

2. Use electroplating, hot-dip plating, spray plating and other methods for punching plate mesh to coat the surface of steel with a layer of metal that is not easily corroded, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These metals often form a dense oxide film due to oxidation, which prevents water and air from corroding steel.

3. The perforated mesh uses chemical methods to form a fine and stable oxide film on the surface of the steel. For example, a fine black film is formed on the surface of steel parts such as machine parts and guns.

[Electrochemical Protection Law] Use the principle of galvanic cell to protect metal and try to eliminate the galvanic corrosion that causes galvanic corrosion. Electrochemical protection law is divided into two categories: anode protection and cathodic protection. The cathodic protection method is more widely used.

[Treatment of corrosive media] Eliminate corrosive media, such as frequently cleaning metal equipment, placing desiccant in precision instruments, and adding a small amount of corrosion inhibitor that can slow down the corrosion rate in corrosive media.

These are the specific introduction and sharing of the anti-rust work of the perforated plate net. I hope everyone can learn how to operate and use it after reading it.



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