Perforated Metal Sheet Filter Classification

Perforated Metal Sheet Filter are roughly divided into two categories. One is made of stainless steel (201, 316, 304). This type of punching net is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, and is mainly used in chemical engineering and experiments. The other type is galvanized sheet and iron sheet for general filtration of liquids, gases, fine particles and the like. The filter screen produced by our factory has the size standard, the aperture and the hole spacing error is 0.05mm. The particle filter punching net is trapped and adhered to the tunnel by the slender curved channel in the filter medium and the collision and extrusion of the fluid. On the wall. Applicable to the case where the particles in the suspension are very small and the content is very small, the solid content is generally not higher than 0.01%. Solid particles of 0.02 to 100 mu; m can be removed. It is mainly used to remove fine suspended particles and colloidal substances that cannot be removed by general sand filtration, such as purification of drinking water.



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