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VCM shrapnel is the abbreviation of VCM voice coil motor shrapnel, and "camera VCM shrapnel", the academic name is called "lens drive device", generally used in mobile phone camera VCM imaging accessories. VCM spring piece is the most demanding part of VCM shrapnel process. Need to use etching process to process precision etched sheet accessories, Hebei Weiyue is a professional manufacturer of etching VCM spring sheets.

           After the VCM voice coil is energized, the magnetic field lines will cross-cut the magnetic field, which will generate an upward force, which will drive the upward movement of the camera lens to achieve the purpose of driving the lens to automatically adjust the focus. Therefore, the processing precision of VCM spring sheets is strictly controlled. At present, there are not many etching processing manufacturers of spring sheets that can meet such requirements in China. Hebei Weiyue is one of them. Weiyue adopts imported processing and testing equipment with high precision and good quality stability. It has more than 20 years of experience in engineering and technical personnel, and the process is mature; Weixing VCM spring sheet products Weiyue is trustworthy.

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